Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage Wedding Dress


Its Spring/Summer again, a season which heralds the birth of all things new. All animals, plants and flowers begin to emerge from their long winter sleep. It is also a time to fall in love. So naturally, we lovestruck humans feel a need to get married in Spring/Summer time.
To fully appreciate the wedding season, one has to reflect on the main accessory of the actual events "The Wedding Dress".

Every year, millions of Brides-to-be spend months searching for "The Dress" for that special day. Potential brides agonize over what style of Wedding Dress to wear, should it be a Short dress?, long dress?, extra long train?, silk?, satin?, lace, then what colour ? white?, ivory?, cream?..and the list goes on.
Most 1st time brides will usually choose a White Dress, as it represents Innocence, Purity, and Virginity all of which are the traditional qualities of a new bride.
However white was not always the colour of choice for a formal bride. Wedding dresses were made in everyday colours as it was customary for the bride to wear her wedding dress on other special occasions. The colour white was the reserve of the nobilities who were rich enough to afford several white dresses and the servants to clean them.

On February 10th 1840, Queen Victoria choose a white dress with English Lace for her wedding to Prince Albert.  This not only made "White" more popular as a choice of wedding colour but also revived the trend in Lace as a wedding accessory.


Queen Victoria's 1840 revolutionary wedding dress (left) and Princess Elizabeth's 1947 timeless wedding dress (right).


A Georgian era 1714 to 1830 Wedding dress. Notice the pink embroidery on this heavily embellished gown(left) and a breathtaking lace and silk creation for Mrs Sweeney for her 1933 wedding(right)

Over the years, the white wedding dress has come to replace all other colours as the choice for formal weddings, giving rise to the term "White Wedding". It doesnt really matter what shade of white it is, Ivory or Cream, we all love our brides in white. 
Other famous fashion Icons have also chosen the colour white for their "Big Day" notably Jacqueline (Bouvier) Kennedy below.
For Jacqueline Kennedy, this voluminous bouffant creation by Ann Lowe was made from 15 meters of ivory silk taffeta.
For those who have "Alternative Lifestyles", the focus is often on colour with Pink,Red,Purple and even black making the Aisle recently. 
For her 2005 wedding to Marilyn Manson, Burlesque Star Dita Von Tees chose a voluminous purple creation by Vivienne Westwood.
Singer Gwen Stefani opted for a fairy tale creation by Galliano for Christian Dior in gradient pink and white for her 2002 London wedding to Gavin Rossdale.
But that was not the case for Iceland’s society girl Ásdís Auðunsdóttir. For her 2014 wedding to her Beau, Ásdís chose a magnificent 1930s Floral Jacquard Silk white wedding dress from
One word sums up this Icelandic Society wedding ..."Perfection"... and I feel proud and honoured to have contributed to its success.
The utmost attention was given to every little detail. Notice her simple rose bouquet and the cute flower girls behind. Ásdís looked the picture of the perfect blushing bride. She was kind enough to send me these images.
Above is a picture of  the dress, as it was, until Ásdís brought it to life.
One can't help but notice the pride on her father's face as he walked her down the aisle.
It's moments like these that makes my job all the more worthwhile. 
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